Project Geo is a web series and blog dedicated to increasing awareness of Geospatial Technology, industry best practices, and GIS resources. We are made up of passionate and experienced geospatial enthusiasts with a combined 35 years of experience in the industry. 

The current members consists of Adam Simmons, Andrea Simmons, and Mason Rothman. Our journey started with just a simple YouTube channel talking about Geospatial news but quickly expanded to sharing industry resources and best practices through Google+ and Twitter. Although our passion is primarily a hobby our presence has grown big enough to justify this formal website.

We love having guests on the show to talk about new geospatial products or initiatives. If you consider yourself a Geospatial expert, industry SME, hobbyist, or someone who is involved with maps, geography, cartography, or anything related to GIS we welcome your participation and input. Send us a message if you want to be apart of our next episode. If you feel like contributing to our initiative and being apart of the team expancing awareness of the industry shoot us a message. We emphasize this is a volunteer initiative and we do not currently get paid for our work.