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In this episode we re-introduce ourselves as Project Geospatial and cover a wide range of topics to include Google Maps Changes, HZMB Bridge, Uber's Kepler.gl, and California Fire Imagery. If you consider yourself a geospatial expert or enthusiast please let us know. We would love to have you on the show.

GEOINT 2019 Playlist

This playlist covers different aspects of the GEOINT Symposium 2019 in San Antonio, Texas. Project Geospatial focuses on unique emerging technology and topics that do not get covered by the mainstream. Check out our playlist and our summary of GEOINT 2019 in our articles page.

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We host our webcast periodically covering interesting topics that are relevant to the geospatial industry from a user's perspective. In addition, we often have the pleasure to interview well respected members of the industry who share their insight of where we might see community innovation and focus evolve next. Here are a few of those insights from great guest speakers we've had in the show from the past. We hope to have many more in the coming months share and create awareness of what geospatial technology can accomplish.

Our webcast returns interviewing +Josh Williams. In addition to teaching, Josh created geteach.com; which received a 2012 Geographic Excellence in Media (GEM) award from the National Council for Geographic Education. We last interviewed him December of 2012 and now excited to get an update on how this innovative teaching tool has progressed and helped Josh teach geography.